The theme of ROCK PHARMA Marketing is to care for its customers and this responsibility doesn't lie  only on the shoulders of the Marketing Department but it really depends all the departments  engaged together to satisfy the customers interests, And by the customers we don’t mean only the  external customers, but also the internal customers i.e. our employee .Thus we always thrive to  build and maintain and integrated marketing environment within the organization ,However ,the  core marketing job is accomplished by six departments Product Management, Sales, Medical  Services, Sales Training and Market Research.

 Product Management Department [PMD]

 Product Management Department is in the center of all marketing activities. A dedicated team with  solid professional background comprising a Pharmacists MBAs, Biochemists and Medical Graduates  work in this department. They Formulae the strategies to capture /accomplished the market share of  company's products, select and introduce new products to keep the company growing and develop  promotional materials for sales people to excel in the market.

 Sales Department

 The Sales Department lies as an important part of marketing as they do the implementation part of  all strategies. A large team of highly skilled sales people work throughout the country to bring in  success for the company. Team spirit remains as the key to success for sales Department in ROCK  PHARMA.

 Medical Service Department [MSD]

 In ROCK PHARMA we believe that our responsibility does not end only in manufacturing and  marketing quality medicines but also extends to the total improvement of the healthcare sector of  the country. To do this, ROCK PHARMA has established an independent Clinical Research and  Medical  Services Department [CRMSD] for the first time in Pakistan. CRMSD comprised of medical  graduates  who assist in conducting Clinical Research and Medical Services Department [CRMSD] for  the first  time in Pakistan. CRMSD comprised of medical graduates who assist in conducting Clinical  Researches with our own medicines on our local people upon collaboration with different medical  institutions. It also arranges seminars, symposia, publisher’s newsletters, articles and provides  other professional services to the doctors.

 Sales Training Department

 It organizes trainings for those related to sales Training is organized both at the entry level as well  as for existing people to keep them updated with product knowledge, selling skilled etc.


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