Human Resources

 Skilled human Resources are the key driving force of ROCK PHARMA. Our success is based on  attracting; developing and retaining talented and motivated human resource .They share both our  desire to excel and our commitment to improve the lives of the people.

 The employees of ROCK PHARMA believe in Collaborative spirit. They appreciate that performing as a  team multiples the strength of the individuals involved as well as the impact of the results.

 Skill acquisition and development of all personnel is the key to a company growth, we believe in this  regard, we are always on the look out to identity training needs of our employees in order to enable  them to carry out the entrusted responsibilities .Training programs are undertaken, not only  address their skills relating to the especially of the individuals concerned, but also improving  leadership and management skills.

 The total no of employees in ROCK PHARMA is around 300 out of 80% of which are white-Collar  employees. Among them are Pharmacists, Chemists, Biochemists, Microbiologists, Engineers, CMAs,  CASs, MBAs, Doctors and Other [Graduates].

 It is our people who make us more different then our competitors. The secret of our success story  lies in  our staff.



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