Quality Assurance

 In ROCK PHARMA Quality comes first others all secondary and that is reflected in its motto: "Quality  the Unit we Count”, Strict Quality Control Procedures are maintained at every step starting for a raw  materials to dispatch of finished products .The latest WHO approved current Good manufacturing  Practices [cGMP] and current Good Laboratory Practices [cGLP] are followed in every step of  operation. Written standard Operating Procedures [SOPs] are maintained for every process, which  are being closely monitored to ensure that all concerned personnel are complying with these  procedures.

 ROCK PHARMA Quality Control[QC] lab is well equipped with the most modern and  sophisticated equipments like High Performance Liquid Chromatography[HPLC],stability Chamber,  Karlfisher Titrator, Ultraviolet [UV] Spectrophotometer, Fourier Transform Infrared  Spectrophotometer[FTR], Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer ,Antibiotic Zone Reader, Colony  Counter Polarimeter, Refractrometer, Disintegrator, Dissolution Tester besides many other latest  computer aided instruments and accessories to ensure the highest quality products.

 The total Quality Assurance activities are accomplished by two departments Quality Compliance and  Quality Control, which are of comprised competent Pharmacists, Chemists, Biochemists and  Microbiologists.

 Research and Developing[R & D]

 The motto of ROCK PHARMA R & D is to carve a healthier tomorrow. Their thrash is to support the  valued Customers with advanced and latest medicines at an affordable price. Every year around  20- 30 new products are added to its portfolio, which are one of the many reasons that ROCK  PHARMA stand as one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in the country.


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