The state of the art manufacturing facility of ROCK PHARMA is located at Risalpur,90 km North West  from Islamabad the Capital City. The facility is planned and design with the fine tuned future  orientation to meet the local as well as international demand both qualitatively and quantitatively,  World Class machineries imported from Japan, Germany, Switzerland and other European countries  which have been utilized in various departments of production to ensure Good Manufacturing and  research for new medicine.

 Moreover, to meet the need of the market, company has a vision to establish a dedicated plant for  parenterals besides its existing one. With 25000sq ft. floor area this new plant would help us to  manufacture some new, high-tech products like inhalers, Dry Suspension [Cephlosporin] Dry Powder,  liquid, lyophilized injections, pre-filled injections, suppositories etc. The Company is now working to  build its Export Office in other Countries also.

 But apart from all these facilities, the men behind the machines get the major priority in building our  success blocks, because we believe that the measure of our success is not power of technology but  the power it unleashes in people. Hence highest care is taken in selecting, developing and retaining  quality people to operationlize the quality machineries. A good blend of pharmacists, Chemists,  Microbiologists & Engineers by the Director Production utilizing their relentless efforts to bring in the  highest quality products from the best quality machineries.


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